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Native Speaker

Having an English native speaker or a French Native speaker or any native speaker gives you a great advantage in learning to speak like a Native speaker. They say you always take advice from people, who “know what they are talking about”, and as Native speakers have been speaking the language all their lives it seems natural, that they will have a good command of the language. Having a native English Speaker around to learn from will without a doubt give you a realistic impression of how English Native speakers communicate. English is spoken at some level across many parts of the world, and if you can speak it well or rather as well as a Native English Speaker, then you would be at a huge advantage. An English native speaking tutor would be able to assist your son or daughter in obtaining a well-pronounced and clear accent. Unfortunately, there are not many Native Speaker Clubs in Moscow and so students find it difficult to perfect a Native Speakers Accent. As far as children go, not only will a Native speaker be able to assist them in perfecting the accent, he as well will show them ways in which Native speakers actually speak, which maybe slightly different to how non-native speakers do. An English Native speaker will be able to share his or her culture and ethics thus making it easier for different cultures to understand each other. Having a Native Speaking Tutor will without a doubt broaden a child’s mind and create a curiosity towards other countries and traditions. Both French Native speakers and English Native speakers are reasonably available in Moscow.



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