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Education in England

It has been said that the three best things you can give your children in life. They are Love, Education and Travel.

Without a doubt the British Education system is one of the best in the world and thus is a sort after destination for many foreign students to complete part if not all of their education.

We all would like our children to have a good start in life and British Education is by a long way one of the finest ways to exhibit your love to your offspring. Lets take a moment to consider the situation. In Moscow British Education is not so common and the options are limited to a few English international schools. Among them are:

  1. The International School of Moscow or ISM as it is known.
  2. The British International School Moscow or BIS
  3. English International School Moscow
  4. Atlantic International School

Entry into such English schools is often not an easy task as sometimes your child will be competing for a limited amount of places in a class with other pupils. Some of them will have been taught by a native English speaking tutor who has experience of the British education system and in some cases maybe English Native speaking Teachers who have taught Native English speakers in English Schools. Some of these schools follow the British Educational system very closely and provide an up to date English education. ISM or the International School Moscow is certainly one of the top schools in this area.

These options are a great way to start your child into the British Education system. You may also examine the option of sending your child to Britain to attend a British Boarding School. There are many Private schools in the UK and they offer different options to suit all types of British education tastes. Entering a private school in the UK will require a strong command of English at Native English speaker level. Remember, that most of the other children have been in the British Education system some time and may have started in the British school Moscow. However, this is not necessarily a guaranteed place. Students need to undertake entrance Exams for the schools and there is often tough completion to enter British Schools be they Boarding schools or day Schools.

Private schools in the UK can be divided into 2 basic categories: single sex schools or co-educational schools. Both options have advantages and one can simply make a personal choice on the matter. The best Private schools in the UK often require native English speaker levels of English. As such you will most likely require a native speaking tutor to assist with the preparation of your son or daughter if you wish them to enter the Best Private Schools in the UK to get a great British Education. Finding an English native speaking teacher in Moscow is not such an easy task. The best option would be to find a professional Native English speaking tutor who has Qualified Teachers Status (QTS), solid knowledge and experience as English Teacher in the British Education system as well as successful record in preparation who has already received a British education and therefore has experience of learning in the English Education system.



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