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British Governess and English Governess

Why do you need an English Governess in Moscow?

Before we look at the reasons you need or should hire a British Governess to work with your children here in Moscow lets understand what exactly a British Governess does and what she or he is responsible for and what are the benefits of hiring an English Governess in Moscow.

A British Governess focuses and concentrates mainly on the social and intellectual development of children from the point of view that children are no longer in need of close physical care. Simply speaking in the traditional sense a British Governess is a person dedicated to teaching and training children in a private household. English Governess will assist in matters of education as well as safety and security of the Child or Children with the added benefit of being a native English tutor.

The English Governess will immerse the child in the perfecting of the English language and act as a companion, a friend and a mentor to children. The British Governess will encourage the use of the correct native speaker English providing explanations as to the usage of the words and phrases that children have been taught and in addition will add huge value to the understanding of British culture and manners that the children will benefit from tremendously.

An English governess in Moscow will act alongside what the child is already being taught in school and enhance this by providing the English Governess way of explaining and demonstrating the lesson. This gives the child the opportunity to have a greater understanding of the subject.

The English Governess will combine the skill of a native English speaker on a daily basis as well as a superior education to assist the child in gaining the correct Native English speaker accent as the child mirrors the correct etiquette and manners of a British Governess. The benefits of hiring an English native speaker as an English Governess are endless and will be valued and treasured throughout a child’s life.



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