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The Road to a Great Job

We have compiled this guide to assist you in your application for a fantastic job in Russia.

Stage 1. Registration

In order to become registered with us, please download our Resume Form, fill it and send to us with your most recent photo at job@guvernior.ru. Please try to enter ALL relevant and required information as this information is requested by our clients and is necessary. If you have any issues with this form please send us your original Resume/CV as well as the photo in a separate email and we will be able to help you. Please ensure that you have placed both your home line if you have one and a mobile number so we can reach you once we have received all your details.

Note about Photos  A full length picture or one simply of your smiling face head and shoulders and if you have additional pictures of you at work with children then these can also be submitted and are a favourite with our clients !!  We require the picture of yourself only and please not the one from Last Saturday night that your friend took and now you can’t remember his name.

You will be contacted by phone by us as soon at the earliest opportunity and we will have a friendly informal interview over the telephone to assist you with any questions you may have and to verify all the relevant details concerning the positions available.


Stage 2. Application 

For available TEFL Tutor, Governess or Nanny jobs please check our open Vacancies, select the vacancy you are interested in and send us your Application. 

In case you received a job specification by email and if you are interested in applying  - simply send us a reply, expressing your interest. You can also add your comments, such as for eg. salary expectations, schedule expectations as well as your questions regarding particular job.

After receiving your application if we decide you are a suitable candidate for this particular job we'll send your CV to our client. The client may request additional information, such as reference letters, CRB, copies of your diplomas or additional pictures. We will inform you if any of those needed.


Stage 3. Interviews

After receiving your CV from us the client will revise it and give us the feedback. Please note: it may take up to 2 weeks (and sometimes even longer) between your application and client's feedback. If the feedback is positive we'll schedule an Interview. It might be a skype video call or a personal interview in Russia or Europe/USA.

In case of personal interview the client will cover your travel expenses (if needed).


Stage 4. Trial

If your interview was successful and you've been offered a job you'll be invited to come for a trial. Trial allows you and the client to experience the job in real life and decide if both of you are satisfied. Your trial period can be from 1 week to 1 month.


Stage 5. Employment Contract

The client should provide you the Contract of Employment, where all your duties, your rights and obligations are clearly stated. All terms and conditions of your contract are regulated between you and the client. 


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