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TOP JOB! English Governess in Moscow Live Out Ref. FTMSTEP006


Start ASAP! The position is highly recommended by the previous governess. Experienced and dedicated British Governess is needed to work with three children – Girl 9, Girl 7 and Boy 6 living just outside of Moscow.


G9 is fluent in English, as she had English governesses from her early days, G7 is an intermediate speaker and B6 is just a beginner. We know the family very well and we had placed several governesses to work for the family before, we can recommend this family as a reliable employer. We are searching for a bright and cheerful personality to take part in their games and to develop their English skills. The girls attend the school: G9 - till 5 pm, G7 is at school till 12.30 two days a week and till 5 pm the other weekdays, while the boy is still a pre–school age and stays at home. Schedule is 5 days a week 10 hours a day starting from 9am with breaks during the day when the children have school and attend their extra curriculum activities. You will be involved with the B6 in the mornings, while the girls are at school and take over the girls after their school day. Days off 1 week day and 1 week-end day, e.g. Friday, Saturday. Your responsibilities will include all caring duties such as feeding, helping to dress, putting to sleep etc, and teaching English. The position is Live-Out, a separate apartment in Moscow is provided for the right candidate. Salary on offer is up to 1200 GBP per week (negotiable).


  • Indoor and outdoor language oriented and general developing activities
  • Sit down English lessons, reading, writing skills
  • Accompanying to extra curriculum activities
  • Walks
  • Games


  • Working 10 hours a day 5 days a week (flexible)
  • Days off 1 week day and 1 week-end day, e.g. Friday, Saturday (negotiable)
  • Salary on offer is up to 1200 GBP per week pending successful interview (negotiable)
  • Separate apartment in Moscow is provided for the right candidate
  • 4 weeks paid holidays per year
  • All travel and business related expenses covered by the client
  • Start ASAP


  • Native English speaker
  • British female 25-40 years of age
  • Childcare qualifications
  • Knowledge of French as a plus
  • Experience in the similar role
  • Energetic, bright personality able to raise the interest of the girls and involve them

If you are not registered with us yet, please download our Resume Form, fill it and send to us with your most recent photo at We require the picture of yourself only, please do not put into your CV the pictures of yourself with other people. Please try to enter all relevant and required information as this information is requested by our clients.

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