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Телефон в Москве: +7 (495) 266-68-12

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+7 (985) 760-01-92
Пон-пятн 9.00 -18.00

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+7 (926) 121-78-44
Пон-пятн 9.00 -18.00

French Teacher Part-Time out of Moscow Ref. PTAKORE005


We are currently offering a great job for an experienced, active and fun French female tutor, for a girl aged 3 living in Benilux – luxury district just outside Moscow.


The girl had 4 hours of  French at the kindergarten before. The schedule is 2 hours a week on Sunday starting from 10 and Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday from 6 pm to 7 pm. Salary is from 60 USD per hour. Transport provided from metro Strogino. Start in September 2017.



  • Teach French in an interactive form
  • Developing speaking and comprehension skills


  • Salary from 60 USD per hour
  • Transport provided from metro Strogino
  • Sunday starting from 10.00 and Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday from 6 pm to 7 pm


  • Native French speaker
  • Female
  • Active, creative, punctual personality
  • Teaching or childcare qualifications
  • Experience in a similar role

If you are not registered with us yet, please download our Resume Form, fill it and send to us with your most recent photo at We require the picture of yourself only, please do not put into your CV the pictures of yourself with other people. Please try to enter all relevant and required information as this information is requested by our clients.

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